UNO construction in collaboration with Blue Marline Marine Construction & services, inc will begin an ambitious expansion project with Miami as its main objective. Blue Marline for many years has been a dominant construction company in Marcos Island , which is why the idea of expanding and exploring new markets like the ones we are targeting. This partnership will consist of two main services, these services are:

Comprehensive Seawall  Construction

The professionals at Blue Marlin are prepared to provide both new construction and repair services on seawalls. We’re happy to install and maintain both concrete and vinyl seawalls, ensuring that the land on your properties stays on land instead of tumbling into the sea. If your seawall is fractured, bulging, or showing any other wear, we’re the people you need for all your repairs. Employing standardized, pre-poured, and pre-stressed materials allow us to guarantee the superior of our materials.

Beating Stormy Weather with Long Lasting Walls

Catastrophic storm damage is becoming increasingly common across Florida. Whether your seawall has been eroded by time or damaged by recent hurricanes, we can build you something truly long-lasting, complete with a waterproofing installation on the wall’s cap. We guarantee the workmanship on our projects in Collier County for seven years, but you can expect most seawalls in the area to have a lifespan closer to 40 or 50. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and a written proposal.